Fundraising PMC

Fundraising PMC Lead:

Nicole Louderback –

Co-Lead- Vacant

Fundraising is very important for our school. Many activities that make BRIDGES special—and that we consider to be normal—are luxuries. That means they are not financed by tax dollars. Our school is faced with the very difficult challenge of prioritizing the funding they do receive, because they simply don’t get enough to pay for everything.

To facilitate these enriching programs and activities, our fundraising efforts include the Annual Silent Auction event, the Family Contribution Program, Spirit Wear sales, Annual Fun Run, and Spring Carnival. There are opportunities to lead specific events or volunteer during events. Helping our school in this way is so important and valuable!

Bridges Charter and Bridges Charter Middle School Spirit Wear Store is filled with many items for Youth and Adults.

Squad Locker will give 10% back on all items including shirts, shorts, pants, blankets, baseball caps, and more.

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