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Guns are now the leading cause of death for minors in the country. Virtually every day, children are shot and injured, or sometimes killed, by firearms improperly stored. About 75 percent of shootings at schools are due to minors having access to guns at home. Over 80 percent of teens who commit suicide with a gun used one that belonged to someone in their home. Gun ownership is a right in the US, and it comes with substantial responsibilities. It is a crime to store a loaded firearm where a child might gain access to that firearm. Information about gun safety and the safe storage of firearms can be found at [EC 48986, 49392; PC 25100]

Cancer Prevention Act:
The parents and guardians of pupils admitted or advancing to the sixth grade level are hereby notified that the State of California advises that pupils adhere to current immunization guidelines, as recommended by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) of the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American Academy of Family Physicians, regarding full human papillomavirus (HPV) immunization before admission or advancement to the eighth grade level of any private or public elementary and middle school (EC § 48980.4) h

Type II Diabetes
Info for parents/ guardians of incoming 7th grade students: The District shall provide an information sheet, which include, but not limited to: a description of Type II Diabetes, a description of the risk factors and warning signs associated with Type II Diabetes, a recommendation that pupils displaying or possibly suffering from risk factors or warning signs associated with Type II Diabetes should be screened for Type II Diabetes, a description of treatments and prevention methods of Type II Diabetes, a description of the different types of diabetes screening tests available (EC § 49452.7)

Type I Diabetes
Info for parents/ guardians of elementary grade students: The District shall provide an information sheet, which include, but not limited to: a description of Type I Diabetes, a description of the risk factors and warning signs associated with Type I Diabetes, a recommendation regarding those pupils displaying warning signs associated with type 1 diabetes that the parents or guardians of those pupils should immediately consult with the pupil’s primary care provider to determine if immediate screening- for type 1 diabetes is appropriate. A description of the screening process for type 1 diabetes and the implications of test results. A recommendation that, following a type 1 diagnosis, parents or guardians should consult with the pupil’s primary care provider to develop an appropriate treatment plan, which may include consultation with and examination by a specialty care provider, including, but not limited to, a properly qualified endocrinologist (EC § 49452.6).

Synthetic Drugs
The District shall inform the parents or guardians of each enrolled pupil about the dangers associated with using synthetic drugs that are not prescribed by a physician, such as fentanyl. Parents or guardians shall also be informed of the possibility that dangerous synthetic drugs can be found in counterfeit pills. The information shall be annually provided to parents or guardians at the beginning of the first semester or quarter of the regular school term. The information may be provided to parents or guardians pursuant to Section 48980. If the District maintains an internet website, the District shall post the information on their internet website and shall ensure that each individual school within the District maintains an individual internet website and also posts the information on that school’s internet website. (EC § 48985.5)

Emergency Treatment for Anaphylaxis
Anaphylaxis is a severe and potentially life-threatening allergic reaction that can occur after encountering an allergic trigger, such as food, medicine, an insect bite, latex or exercise. Symptoms include narrowing of the airways, rashes or hives, nausea or vomiting, a weak pulse and dizziness. It is estimated that approximately 25% of the anaphylactic reactions occur during school hours to students who had not previously been diagnosed with a food or other allergy. Without immediate administration of epinephrine followed by calling emergency medical services, death can occur. Being able to recognize and treat it quickly can save lives. EC 49414 requires school districts to provide epinephrine auto-injectors to school nurses and trained personnel and authorizes them to use epinephrine auto-injectors for any student who may be experiencing anaphylaxis, regardless of known history. (EC § 49414)

Immunization for Communicable Disease
Per California Health and Safety Code, Sections 120325-120375, children in California are required to receive certain immunizations in order to attend public and private elementary and secondary schools, child care centers, family day care homes, nursery schools, day nurseries, and developmental centers. Schools, child care centers, and family child care homes are required to enforce immunization requirements, maintain immunization records of all children enrolled, and submit reports. (EC § 49403 7)

Mental Health Resources

Ventura County 

There are great resources found in the Wellness Every Day website overseen by Ventura County Behavioral Health…

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These include resources for depression, suicide, LGBTQ+, and more. To visit the website please click on following link: (English) (Español)

Interface provides an array of services to Ventura County residents. At Interface Children & Family Services, we’re focused on making sure every …

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child, teen, parent, and adult in our community has every opportunity to thrive.

The Ventura County Behavioral Health Department (VCBH) provides mental health and substance abuse services available to residents…

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For more information on all services VCBH provides click on the following link

NAMI Ventura County provides emotional support, education and resource for those with a mental illness. NAMI “… advocate for a life of quality and dignity—…

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one without discrimination—for all people affected by this illness. We provide support and crisis resources to those affected by neurological disorders including bipolar disorder, major depression, borderline personality disorder, OCD, severe anxiety disorder and co-occurring brain disorders and addictive disorders. 

Diversity Collective, the parent organization to the Rainbow Umbrella Program, …

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is a nonprofit that promotes the advocacy, education, mental and physical health for the LGBTQ+ community throughout Ventura County. Some of the services Diversity Collective provides includes guided meditation, youth  peer-based support groups, and free counseling.

Logrando Bienestar, a program from VCBH, provides services for Santa Paula and Oxanrd residents. Logrando bien estar was designed to assist the…

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Latinx community in udnerstanding the importance of their mental and emotional health. This is accomplished by assisting residents in accessing services to practice healthy life-style changes. English Flyer  |  Spanish Flyer

Proyecto Esperanza provides mental health services to residents in the Santa Paula area…

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You can follow their youtube channel ( or Facebook page at @esperanzaprojectsantapaula  

One Step A La Vez provides services and resources to youth in Fillmore and Piru.

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This includes support for homeless teens and young adults, LGBTQ+ support, food access, and more. Many of the meetings that would have been held in-person are now available via Zoom. A calendar of upcoming dates can be found at the bottom of the home page.

Kids & Families Together provides support, education, and counseling to individuals and families in foster/resource car, kinship care,

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legal guardianship, adoption, and birth families. Their programs encompass in-home family therapy, psychoeducation, support groups and more.

State and National 

Know the Signs is a statewide marketing campagin that focuses on three key messages.

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1. Know the Signs related to Suicide. 2. Find the words to begin the conversation. 3. Reach out.

The Trevor Project is a leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ+ youth.

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Advocate for change. We have initiatives happening in all 50 states to change hearts, minds and laws in support of young LGBTQ lives.

The Suicide Prevention Line is available to everyon 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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legal guardianship, adoption, and birth families. Their programs encompass in-home family therapy, psychoeducation, support groups and more.

The Coalition Youth Crisis Line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide crisis intervention…

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counseling and resource referrals via online chat, text, and through the phone. Profressionally trained staff and volunteer counselors discuss in confidence and withoutht judgement suicide, depression, human trafficking, trauma, and more with the caller.

The Jason Foundation dedicates its work to prevent the “Silent Epidemic” of youth suicides through education…

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and awareness. To find more information on how to get involved or training visit the Jason Foundation Website.

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention organiation empowers its community through research…

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education and advocacy to take action against suicide and those affected by suicide. To find more information and local chapters visit

Human Trafficking

To report suspected human trafficking or to receive assistance call your local police department, the REACH Team at (805)261-1212, call the National Human Trafficking Resource Center at 1(888)373-7888, or text the National Human Trafficking Resource Center the word “HELP” or “INFO” to 233733. 

  • Ventura County District Attorney’s Website
  • Ventura County Coalition Against Human Trafficking Website 
  • Forever Found – prevention, rescue, and restoration of child trafficking victims 

Social Emotional Health Resources

The UC Santa Barbara Project Covitality Team seeks out and posts school-based mental health and wellness resources. We do this to support your efforts to help all students thrive and grow into competent and caring people who positively impact their communities and the world.

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