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Volunteer Program @ Bridges

Parent Volunteers are an integral part of what sets BRIDGES Charter School apart from other schools.

Parent volunteering and involvement clearly are always linked to higher student success, however it is more than that. It is about our social and educational responsibility we are modeling, and about our relationships we develop with our own children as well as other students.

Why does BRIDGES need Parent Volunteers?

BRIDGES Charter is founded on the principles of Whole Child Education and meeting children’s social and emotional needs, parents can help in the following ways:

  • Hands on curriculum
  • Project based learning
  • Small group work
  • Inquiry based learning
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Field trips

What can you do to Volunteer at BRIDGES?

  • Work in the classroom
  • Supervise our recesses and lunches
  • Be a room parent
  • Help in the office
  • Do maintenance work around the campus
  • Help with and coordinate special events
  • Chaperon field trips
  • Help sell Friday popcorn
  • Be a welcome family
  • Join a PMC
  • Help with Pizza Friday

Board Policy #1240 Volunteers


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