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The Bridges Philosophy


BRIDGES Charter School’s Educational Philosophy (including guiding principles and researched-based pedagogical strategies), in its entirety, will serve to direct all curriculum and classroom management methods to ensure student academic achievement at all levels.

  • An adherence to the Whole Child philosophy in education. We have incorporate creative, effective teaching methods, differentiation, and flexibility while meeting (and often exceeding) the Common Core State Standards, NEXT Generation Science Standards (NGSS), and Appendices. Children learn and practice conflict resolution skills and collaboration. Content is meaningful and relevant to students and the world around them.
  • A kindergarten through eighth grades programs. BRIDGES Charter School has created a CORE Academy where middle school (6-8) children can learn in a small, safe and positive learning community, where all educators value Whole Child education. Project-based learning is supported, parent volunteers, and a focus on the development of their students’ social and emotional needs.
  • There is autonomous decision-making regarding staffing and structure. BRIDGES Charter School’s Administration, Board of Directors, and BRIDGES Charter School community will continue to:
    • Hire highly-qualified teachers as per NCLB legislation.
    • The Board of Directors Budget Committee will continue to address the needs of our students.
    • Help to ensure that all members of our community, including support staff, embrace and support the Whole Child approach.
  • Active Parent Involvement. All parents are encouraged to engage in active volunteer participation; as well as, ongoing parent education via lectures, workshops, and/or discussion groups. Parents will be in one of many Parent-Managed Cohorts, all of which directly impact groups of students, or BRIDGES Charter School as a whole. Although all parents are invited and encouraged to become part of the Parent-Managed Cohorts parents may elect not to participate. Parents also have direct access to an on-site Parent Center. BRIDGES Charter School has an onsite Extensions Child-Care Center.
  • A Homeschool Program. Many homeschool families share the Whole Child philosophy and we have expanded this effective educational approach through a Homeschool Program. Homeschool families who enroll in this component have access to our campus, resources, and an on-site educator who manages and supports their goals. Homeschool parents are also encouraged to participate in BRIDGES Charter School’s community through ongoing parent education opportunities.
  • Flexibility in Scheduling. BRIDGES Charter School has allocated additional support opportunities for students to:
    • Teachers integrate physical movements into lessons creating a healthy balance in enhancing brain development.
    • Attend to and develop areas of interest and creativity, inspiring innovation and brain development.
    • Engage in socially responsible and proactive collaboration activities, developing stronger relationships and strengthening community: the context of all learning.
  • A Focus on Sustainability and Health. BRIDGES Charter School advocates responsibility to our community and ourselves:
  • Healthy eating habits are supported.
  • Environmental education and stewardship will prepare students for success in the green economy of the future.
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