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CORE Academy Mission and Vision


CORE Academy’s Mission Statement

The CORE Academy at Bridges seeks to build character and ignite passion for inquiry, inspiring students to become intrinsically motivated while enthusiastically engaging in their education. The CORE academy – where student live their whole education.

CORE Academy’s Values

Learning is an active, joyful process of discovery, where students are challenged to use both a disciplined and creative approach, and construct meaning with the guidance of passionate and inspiring teachers.

Academic excellence is demonstrated by depth of conceptual understanding and achieved through rigorous engagement, comprehensive assessment and thoughtful self-evaluation.

A focus on project-based learning promotes meaningful scholarship while fostering opportunities of collaboration, freedom of choice, shared responsibility, and self-governance.

Attention to cultural themes contributes positively to community, while also bringing students into meaningful communication, conflict resolution, and shared leadership.

We are committed to reflection, evaluation, evolution and innovation as means to improve teaching and learning.

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