Parent Managed Cohorts- PMCs

Parent Managed Cohorts (PMCs) are groups (cohorts) that are the organizational engines of our school, running under the Parent Advisory Council (PMC). Parents with similar interests and skills are grouped into cohorts that manage most of the school’s non-administrative functions. If you are interested in joining a PMC, please contact the chairperson via email.
Current PMC's

Join our ART PMC! Are creativity and kids your thing? We want YOU! Our PMC is the place where you can get hands on with kids’ creative learning processes, support our Art Specialist in classroom activity, and participate in school-wide art projects!

We will also be offering a series of ART CLUB workshops, where we get together to learn about, discuss and make cool stuff with our kids.  Just for FUN. Dates and further information TBA. We will have a monthly meeting, also TBA.

Berkeley Gray – Leader

The Community Outreach PMC focuses on Community Engagement through Participation in activities that promote BRIDGES to the local  Conejo Valley and surrounding areas at large, including community events, Parent Information Meetings and Classroom/Campus Tours during the Open Application period. This PMC also communicates information about BRIDGES via various Public Relations mediums (print media, radio, e-newsletters, etc.).

The Community Outreach PMC additionally strives to optimize connections within BRIDGES’ own learning community through social events and fun-draisers.

Sandy McGlynn – Leader

Our goals is to promote healthy and well balanced food choices for all families here at Bridges. We would like to have at least one main representative from each class to help share the work.

We are always looking for new members.  If you are unable to attend the meetings, but would like to be involved in our PMC, please contact Melissa via email.

Melissa Brisbois – Leader

The Fundraising PMC assists in raising over $40,000 per year for Bridges Charter School. The money raised funds school specialists, school beautification, performing arts and much more. If you love planning events, soliciting donors or helping behind the scenes while having a direct impact on the school the Fundraising PMC is for you!

To get involved with the Fundraising PMC, please email the parent skills coordinator or the Fundraising PMC head.


Susie Brubaker-Gublet – Parent Skills Leader


Brittany Paules – Fundraising Leader

The garden PMC strives to help students make the connection between composting and gardening. Lasagna gardening is how we harvest the school’s compost back into the gardens. Students learn how compost is used to make new soil so they can have a healthy strong organic garden. The garden PMC would like to also share the lasagna gardening method (sheet composting) in an ongoing workshop. Of course classrooms could always use help with watering, planting, weeding and raking in their gardens and outdoor classroom. We support our school and other PMCs  participating in being a more green and sustainable. Interested in volunteering? email Marie McClain (Chloe and Ben McClain’s Mom)


Marie McClain – Leader

Do you have an interest in bringing more money to our school? Do you like to work with numbers or write creatively or technically? Does the idea that Bridges’ could leverage dollars from foundations both nationally and locally sound like something you’d like to be a part of? Do you have an hour or two you could volunteer each week at home on your own time? If so……please consider joining the Grant Writing PMC!

The Grant Writing PMC’s main purpose is to research and write grants to help maximize local and national resources as well as finding additional funding for supporting long-range programs for the community of BRIDGES Charter School.

To do this we are in need of additional help! It is not necessary to know how to write grants. Help is needed to research available grants, collect data to support our ideas and then finally write the grant proposal in preparation for submission.

Additionally, if you work for a company that has a charitable foundation or a matching program, please let us know. Your knowledge and contacts may prove to be invaluable in securing grants.

We would be most appreciative of your gift of time. As the saying goes, “Many hands make light work.” There are so many things we would like to accomplish, please consider helping us. Thank you!

Victoria Clayton – Leader

The Green Team PMC will help make BRIDGES a clean, healthy, safe, and happy place through recycling and sustainability awareness, homemade cleaning supplies, and many sustainable habits and products used on campus and at home.

Marni San Jose – Leader

The BRIDGES Library PMC handles classroom and library books and other instructional media, in concert with BRIDGES faculty and staff.  We have three main goals:

1.  To obtain selected books/media for BRIDGES’ classrooms.
2.  To hold book/media-related sales to benefit BRIDGES.
3.  To supplement and enhance the existing collections of the BRIDGES Charter School Library to benefit all pupils on the BRIDGES campus.

Sara Milano – Leader

Parent Skills PMC assists in organizing school volunteer needs as well as filling those needs with parents. There are many opportunities for volunteering at BRIDGES Charter School. Please contact Susie if you have a volunteer need or if you are a parent who would like to volunteer.

Susie Brubaker-Gublet – Leader

The Performing Arts PMC has been established to ensure that all students at BRIDGES have an opportunity to develop and enhance their creative skills through various performing art forms including music, drama, singing, dancing and more. The PMC will help coordinate Performing Arts activities such as Talent Nights, Winter and Spring Music Concerts, plays, and All District Choir and Band Concerts.

Laura Rank – Leader

Assuring safety and harmony on a playground with kindergarteners through middle schoolers requires many hands.  If you enjoy being outside and working actively with kids for a 30 minute block of time, this is the PMC for you.  Other perks:  you get to wear a bright green fluorescent vest and have a walkie-talkie!  It’s a fun and important job.  Consider Yard Duty for your PMC volunteering.

Maria Heximer – Leader