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Bridges Homeschool Program


BRIDGES Charter School  provides a HOMESCHOOL PROGRAM to families who share the Whole Child philosophy and wish to homeschool their children under the guidance of a

credentialed supervising teacher.  Students have the opportunity to study at home and also participate in the unique nurturing environment of BRIDGES in an array of experiences including

field trips, assemblies, performing arts and outdoor education.  Homeschooling parents have access to the campus resources and on-site educators who help manage and support their goals.

BRIDGES HOMESCHOOL PROGRAM provides a personalized, challenging, coherent and relevant curriculum for each student that fulfills the school’s purpose and follows the state

standards. The program allows students the flexibility to pursue academic achievement in a way that emphasizes their interests and enhances their motivation to learn. A key tenent is the belief

that connecting the student’s interest to real-world learning is key to student achievement.  The HOMESCHOOL PROGRAM allows each student to receive individualized, differentiated

instruction. The parent works with the Supervising teacher and student to tailor curriculum and content delivery methods to the individual needs of the student. Learning styles, interests and

motivation are taken into consideration when learning plans are created. Parents can re-teach, reinforce and review topics as needed and move forward when mastery is accomplished. The

Supervising Teacher reviews all student work, evaluates it and documents it against state.  The HOMESCHOOL PROGRAM is parent and student-driven; the program is shaped around the

needs and wants of the families and students. The parent, student and teacher have the opportunity to address any student needs or issues on the spot. This may occur through the

adaptation of the curriculum to meet the student’s needs or by establishing opportunities for the student to participate in an activity in depth. Students are allowed to work at the grade level that is

most appropriate to his or her abilities, in each individual subject area. This allows students to stretch their intellectual abilities and be challenged, while avoiding setting them up for failure.

Students are closely monitored to ensure that they work at an adequate and appropriate pace.


In the HOMESHCOOL PROGRAM, a great deal of attention is paid to the student’s curriculum. Initially, the student, parent and Supervising Teacher meet and discuss the details of the student’s

courses, curriculum and learning plan for the school year and for each learning period. They discuss curriculum options. They discuss the standards, in order to see what needs to be covered

and how they will be covered and addressed. Methods of delivery and curricular materials are discussed, in connection with the student’s learning style and interests. A great deal of

conversation and thought goes into selecting the curriculum and curricular support for each area. And, the conversation continues as the student progresses through the school year. Curriculum

that is not meeting the needs of the student is replaced until the right combination of materials and resources is assembled to best support and enhance the student’s achievement. The curriculum is

homeschool-friendly and aligned to the state standards.

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