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The Application Process

Parent attendance at a Bridges’ Parent Information Night (PIN) is a great first step. There is also the opportunity to participate in a school tour. During this process, all families seeking admission will receive extensive information about Bridges Charter School’s philosophy and educational program,  educational expectations and student behavior expectations. Orientation will include a tour of the classrooms and an interview session with the Director. PIN events will take place between January and March. Several different dates will be provided for PIN events to take place. Several different dates will also be arranged for school tours to be given.

Once a completed application form is submitted the students will be put on an enrollment list.

Applications will be accepted ongoing all year. However, after early-March no new students will be enrolled in the school to protect the public lottery process.  Any students wishing to attend Bridges after early-March will have to wait until after the lottery process to process their enrollment packet.  The school will also issue an “intent to continue” form to its current families to ensure space for the following school year.  Once those forms have been collected, administration will determine the amount of spots available for the following school.

Based on the available number of spots, administration will announce publicly how many spots are available as compared to how many students have completed the application process. If there are more applicants than spots available, Bridges will hold a public random drawing to determine enrollment for the impacted grade levels in accordance with Education Code Section 47605(d)(B).

Public notice will be posted regarding the date and time of the public random drawing and Bridges will inform parents of all applicants and all interested parties of the rules to be followed during the lottery process, location, date and time of the public random drawing. The public random drawing will be held at the school site during reasonable hours for public to attend.

Based on the lottery drawing, a waiting list will be developed from the list of students who do not receive admission in the order in which they are drawn and will be considered should a vacancy occur during the year. Students on the waiting list will be notified by phone or mail immediately if space becomes available and they will have one week to return the enrollment forms.  If the enrollment forms are not returned in one week, Bridges will notify the next family on the list.  Bridges will maintain auditable records of all admissions activities.

As per the charter, preferences in the case of a public random drawing for grades K-8 will be given in the following order:

Siblings of currently enrolled students

Children of Bridges Charter School employees

All other students who reside in CVUSD

Parents / guardians will be notified of admission in a timely fashion following the enrollment process. The parent(s) who children are selected to attend Bridges will be required to provide registration information as need by the school’s registrar.

During the school year, parents wishing to enroll their students will meet with the Director to review the school. The Director will also advise the parents on the current enrollment to determine where the student would fall on the wait list, or if there is space in the grade the student would be placed in.  Upon completion of meeting with the Director, the family will be directed to the school registrar for enrollment packet and information.


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