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In addition to the Bridges Family Handbook, CORE Academy students are held to even higher expectation.  The following policies apply to the students of CORE Academy;



Absence Policy:

Your work assigned PRIOR to absence (including projects) is DUE UPON RETURN. This also includes presentations. Example: if an in-class or home assignment is due on a particular day and you are absent that day, then you must turn in that assignment/project the morning you return.

**During the course of a long term independent or group project, an

extended illness or absence will not give you an extension (including



Work assigned WHILE you were absent will be given as many days for make-up as you were absent. Absent for 2 days= 2 days to make up that 2 days of work missed in class.

Late Policy:

  • One day late is 75% of the grade received
  • Two days late is 50% of the grade received (Ex. 50% of 90pts = 45pts)
  • Two days late cannot go past end of semester deadline (no work accepted).
  • NO CREDIT will be awarded for work past two days late.

**Humanities: No late reading logs, even if you are absent. Must be updated on or before Friday. Saturdays and Sundays count for reading log but will count for the week ahead.

  • Incomplete tests must be finished within two days of original test date.
  • You must clearly mark on your papers if they are “late” or “absent” turn-ins.

Clarification of Extra Credit:

àExtra credit is IN ADDITION to completed assignments turned in on time. It is NOT to take the place of assignments not completed or turned in.

àExtra credit must be arranged with the teacher in advance.


**Keep in mind, teachers enter grades in the online grade-book weekly. So, the online grade-book cannot be used as a reference point to be sure work is turned in within the two day late policy. It is the student’s responsibility to know if they turned in the paper when due. We have encouraged students to make a note in their agenda when an assignment is not turned in on time.


Dress Code

BRIDGES Charter School recognizes that all students are individuals and that the choice of

clothing is reflective of their interests and comfort level. While it is often true that some “trendy”

clothing can spark peer pressure, promote varied attitudes, create lengthy mornings getting ready,

and/or cause distractions in class, we feel it is important to assist children to think for themselves

with regard to their clothing choices, while still respecting guidelines that ensure safety, comfort

with various activities, concentration for themselves and others, and age- appropriate attire.

While these guidelines represent the overall “Dress Code”, individual requirements may be

imposed if BRIDGES CORE staff members observe issues or concerns related to a student’s clothing




  • No vulgar or offensive statements, or inappropriate media slogans.
  • No bandanas
  • No short skirts or “short” shorts. CORE will use “mid-thigh” rule.
  • All shirts must have at least one-inch straps and no bra strap showing (including under arm)
  • Stomachs may not be exposed
  • Close-toed shoes must be worn at all times during PE
  • No flip-flop type of shoes on campus during the academic day
  • All head coverings should be taken off when indoors.
  • Pants need to fit around the waist without falling down, or a belt must be worn
  • Boxers or underwear should not be exposed at any time.
  • Hair should not be fashioned (or styled) in such a way as to be a distraction to others in class.


Violation of the dress code will result in parent notification. Repeated violations will result in further disciplinary action.



Please print out the following page, sign and return with your student to your student’s homeroom teacher.

Parent Student Acknowledgement

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