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October 9, 2016

Director's Notes 10/09/16

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BRIDGES Charter School

'Whose child is this? ' I asked one day Seeing a little one out at play 'Mine', said the parent with a tender smile 'Mine to keep a little while To bathe her hands and comb her hair To tell her what she is to wear To prepare her that she may always be good And each day do the things she should'

'Whose child is this? ' I asked again As the door opened and someone came in 'Mine', said the teacher with the same tender smile 'Mine, to keep just for a little while To teach her how to be gentle and kind To train and direct her dear little mind To help her live by every rule And get the best she can from school' 'Whose child is this? ' I ask once more Just as the little one entered the door 'Ours' said the parent and the teacher as they smiled And each took the hand of the little child 'Ours to love and train together Ours this blessed task forever.' by Jessie Girl Rivera This week, I jumped onto my Facebook account and read a post from another former student of mine.  She was a student when I was principal at a local high school.  Her name is Jess.  She is now a very successful business person making a comfortable living, to say the least.  Jess was at an airport restaurant traveling back home from a business trip when she overheard a conversation between an elementary school age brother and sister.  The sister was talking about how excited she was about an upcoming college football game. She had just said to her mother, "I cant wait for the big Texas A&M game.  I hope daddy takes me!" Her brother cut her off and said, "What could you possibly know about Texas A&M, you're just a girl.  I bet you don't even know what their mascot is." The little girl burst into tears and Jess felt compelled to lean over to the family's table to intervene.  She said to the brother, "You, know, when I was little, so many people told me I would never be successful in sports because I was 'just a girl'.  I managed to overcome being 'just a girl' and disprove so many doubters and naysayers.  I was a three sport athlete in high school and went on to college to earn a business degree.  Oh, yeah, when I was little, I had no idea who the mascot of my favorite college team was. Now that I am grown, for my job I am an executive for the New York Giants, Yankees and Rangers.  Your sister can, and will, grow up to do anything she sets her mind to do. Your job, as her brother, is to always support her." I responded to Jess telling her how proud I was that she spoke up - especially to a family of complete strangers.  Jess sent a message back and said, "Thank you, Mr. Guidetti.  I hope as a high school principal this validates everything you do as an educator.  You are one of the few people in school who always really made me believe I can do anything I set my mind to." .....'Ours to love and train together Ours this blessed task forever.' ROUNDING OUT THE DIRECTOR'S NOTES Ever wonder what Mr. Jay does when the Student Tech Team uses his office to work on a project?? Well, wonder no more.....! Ms.Cindy - I love what you've done with your new office/study center for honors students/conference room: Teachers Teaching Teachers - Ms. Sally sharing her Thankful Thursdays at a Friday staff meeting: Teachers Teaching Teachers - Ms. Marsi sharing lessons with her fellow teachers: Next week is National Rainforest Week (some of you know how much I love these fun holidays/celebrations and it's something the kids love and remember).  As I am prepping for what we will be doing to celebrate, I came across this resource that I want to share with you if you want to jump in and celebrate but don't know where to look: I will be "showing" a couple of the lower level books during guided reading as well as some of the pictures where I will read the facts.  Some of the "photo tours" have brilliant pictures.  Readworks also have some more advanced passages and there are some books and videos on Youtube too. In partnership, Marsi From Ms.  Jessilyn and Ms. Stacy -STEM boxes and anti-bullying posters: Look at the fun happening in Ms. Meghan's room - making fidget toys! Big and Little Buddies!! Ms.Tina's Kinders and Ms. Sally's 5th Graders: Powerful Partnerships - Special words from a parent to a teacher! One of the things I appreciate most about our school is that we truly are a learning community where each of us has the opportunity to teach and learn from each other. I have already learned quite a bit from you this year and I’m consistently learning from the kids!  When teachers are open to parent input, parents become active participants in the educational experiences our children have at school.  This is a gift beyond measure and one of the main reasons that many of us chose Bridges!  THANK YOU for giving us this opportunity!  By working together, teachers and parents optimize our kids learning environment. LIBRARY NEEDS  The library is hoping to grow its board games and puzzle collection. If you have any old board games like: chess, checkers, connect four, sorry, battleship, headbandz, 5 second rule, etc. and puzzles from 24 pieces to 1000, please drop them off in the library or the front office! Also be sure to see the Library's wish list on the PAC website. Thanks for your support, - Rebekah Schletewitz BOOK FAIR IS COMING! October 31st-November 4th BRIDGES SILENT AUCTION: BRIDGES Annual Silent Auction in less than a month away and we need your help to make it a success! This fun-filled night raised $12,000 last year and we hope to make this year even better. How can you help?
  1. Attend the auction. – Tickets will be $40 per person and include dinner.
  2. Help Solicit Donations for the Auction. Ask the businesses you frequent for donations. These can be physical items, gift cards or services. The donation letter is on the PAC website
  3. Contribute to your class basket. Not sure what this is? Reach out to your room parent for details.
  4. Help with your class art project.
Please make it a personal goal to secure two donations for the auction. Your participation is what will make the evening a success! Questions? Contact or Brittany Paules and Shannon Wilkins Silent Auction Co-Chairs From the Garden PMC: Pumpkin Patch! Friday October 21st and Friday October 28th from 12 pm to 2:30 pm! Buy your pumpkins at the Pumpkin Patch. Don't buy your pumpkins any where else!  We will be selling pumpkins in the bike rack area. We will have a costume exchange. Bring your old costumes to the office and put them in the costume box then put your name on the list to pick up a new used costume on the day of the pumpkin patch or come the same day for exchange. We will also be selling other crafty items like succulent pumpkins! a photo booth, popcorn and backed goods. Lots of Halloween fun at the pumpkin patch! What goes better with fresh pumpkins than pumpkin recipes!  Healthy Eats and Treats, The Bridges Family Cookbook, offers many pumpkin recipes.  Turkey Pumpkin Chili, Pumpkin Lasagna, Gluten Free Lentil Pumpkin Brownies, and Pumpkin Pie Bites are just a few examples of the wonderful recipes available in Bridges very own 200 recipe cookbook.  Copies are available for just $16 on the Spirit Store. The Harvest Festival will be here soon: Harvest Festival is a unique Bridges tradition, it is a whole school/ parent led day of interactive centers that foster a sense of community and tradition at Bridges, followed by a whole school feast where students, parents, teachers and staff share a meal and reflect on the day.  Are you interested in finding out more, have ideas that you want to share, want to lead a center or just help out?  Harvest Festival is Friday, November 18th. Lion King preparations have begun:
From PAC: PARENT RESOURCE ROOM If you have been missing the Parent Resource Room in the library no need to miss it anymore!  It has been moved to The Sandwich Room (the room with the sandwich painted on the door)! The Kuerig Coffee maker has been moved as well, so if you're in need of a cup of coffee you can make one! We ask that you donate $1 to purchase more coffee and creamer for future use.  The sandwich room is shared with our PMCs so please return ALL mugs, dishes and cutlery that you use clean and dry to their original places. BUCA DI BRIDGES!  PAC cordially invites you to Buca di Bridges.....a Italian feast potluck followed by a friendly game of bingo for the whole family.  Bring a potluck dish to share in the Italian theme, and a few prizes for the bingo winners.  Friday, October 21st at 6:00, let's fill the MPR with the aromas of Italy.   We will dine from 6-7 and then start the Bingo Bonanza promptly at 7:00.  We hope to see you there!  Check the PAC REPORT to sign up! FAMILY DONATION PROGRAM Our Family Donation Program has begun!  You should have received an envelope and complimentary magnet from your child's classroom.  Donations are still coming in!  Thank you! The current total is $11,496. Our goal is 100% participation.   Thank you to the families who have participated! ROTARY FAIR Do you LOVE Bridges and want to spread the word?  Sunday, October 16, 2016 is the annual Thousand Oaks Rotary Street Fair. Parent volunteers are needed to be at the BRIDGES booth to talk to interested families about BRIDGES Charter School. Volunteers will also facilitate an easy kid friendly activity. STAFF AND TEACHER PLANNING TIME TREATS This year as part of giving back to our BRIDGES community, PAC would like to start by acknowledging our teachers every other Friday by bringing them treats for their whole staff planning period, 1:45-3:00.  If you would like to volunteer to bring something for the teachers to share please contact Carmen. BRIDGES' KIDS Our students are thoughtful, amazing children and young people.  PAC would like to feature a student each week who has done or is doing something exceptional for our community. If you would like to share something please email Carmen. PAC REPORT If you have any PAC related events to add to each Wednesday's PAC Report, please email by Monday 4:00 pm for inclusion. Thank you!
Peace, love, health, growth and happiness! 
Upcoming Important Dates 10/31-11/4 Bridges Book Fair 11/5 Bridges Silent Auction 11/7 Lion King Auditions 11/18 Harvest Festival

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