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January 16, 2017

Director's Notes 1/16/17

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BRIDGES Charter School
Monday January 16, 2017 Dear BRIDGES Families, As the day of celebration honoring Dr Martin Luther King Jr comes to a close, we remember his trailblazing activism and soaring vision for a just America. We are left with the eloquence of his words that continue to guide us forward as we strive to become a more perfect union."Intelligence plus character—that is the goal of true education." MLK  —“The Purpose of Education” from Morehouse College student newspaper, The Maroon Tiger, 1947 CORE ART SHOW This past week Bridges CORE Art Students displayed their artwork for all to see.  What an amazing showcase.  Congratulations to Ms. Laura and to all of her talented students.  Yet again our students have exceeded our expectations and made us proud not only with their finished products but with their hospitality as well.

Bridges Students,

Today I was in awe. Yes I was thoroughly proud and pleased with the art work that my talented Core art students created, but I was also amazed at the kindness of all the Core students who pitched in to help put together the show especially at the last minute when I needed help. All the Bridges students were polite and respectful when they entered the exhibit. First grade on up showed their support by attending and gave great feedback on all the work that they saw. I am grateful to be working with such wonderful students and to be part of this community.

Sincerely, Ms.Laura

Kindergarten Guest for Jj Week: Our very own Loren Arlen, Dad of Kindergartener, Savannah Arlen, gave a jaw dropping performance as he juggled tennis balls, clubs, swords on Jj Week!!
  CORE SCIENCE FAIR Ms Lauren and the CORE students would like to invite you to the annual showcase of Science Fair Projects to be held in the MPR on Friday, January 27th from 9-3.  Come experience Science come to life! Image result for science fair projects   6 Ways to Get Your Child Going How do you inspire your kids to motivate themselves? Here are a few tips to help you influence them towards self-motivation. 1. Don’t let your anxiety push them to get motivated. You will only motivate them to resist you or to comply to calm you down because they want you to leave them alone. This won’t motivate them as much as teaching them how to appease or resist you. It then becomes about reacting to you instead of focusing on themselves and finding some internal motivation. Your anxiety and need for them to care will just create a power struggle between you and your child. 2. Be inspiring. The only way to motivate is to stop trying to motivate. Instead, work towards inspiring your child. How do you do that? Be an inspiring person. Ask yourself if your behaviors are inspiring or controlling. Understand that your kids will want to run the other way if you’re too controlling. Think about someone in your own life who is inspiring to you, and work towards that goal. Remember, the only thing you’ll motivate if you’re pushing your child is the motivation to resist you. 3. Let your child make his own choices—and face the consequences. Let your child make his own choices. When it’s a poor choice, hold him accountable by letting him face the natural consequences that come with it. If the consequence of not doing his homework is that the computer is taken away, put the need to get that computer time back in his hands. If he finishes his work, he gets the time on the computer you’ve agreed upon. That will be a motivation for him in the right direction without you telling him what to do, how to do it, and lecturing him on why he should care. As a parent, what you’re actually doing is asking yourself, “What will I put up with? What are my values and principles?” and you’re sticking to them. 4. Ask yourself these questions:
  • What motivates my child?
  • What does he really want?
  • What questions can I ask that will help him discover and explore his interests?
  • What are his goals and ambitions?
Step far enough away to see your child as a separate person. Then observe what you see. Talk to him to find the answers to the questions above. And then listen—not to what youwant the answers to be, but to what your child is saying. Just listen to him. Respect his answers, even if you disagree. 5. Choose which door you want to enter. Imagine two doors. Door number one is for the parent who wants to get their kids motivated and do the right thing in life: Get up, go to school, get their work done, be successful. Door number two is for parents who want their kids to be self-motivated to do those things. They want to influence their child to work toward the things they’re interested in. To not only do the right thing but to want to do the right things. Which door would you enter? If it’s door number one, then the way to achieve that goal is push, punish, beg, nag, bribe, reward, and cajole. If you decide on door number two, then you’ll reach that goal by asking different kinds of questions. Rather than, “Did you get your homework done?” you might say, “Why did you decide to do your homework today and not yesterday? I noticed you chose not to do geometry yesterday, but you’re doing your history homework today. What’s the difference?” Be an investigator, exploring and uncovering, helping your child discover his own motivations and sticking points. 6. It’s not your fault. Remember, your child’s lack of motivation is not your fault, so don’t personalize it. When you do this, you may actually contribute to the underachieving by creating more resistance. Look at it this way. If you look too closely in the mirror, you can’t really see yourself—it’s just a blur. But when you get farther away, you actually see yourself more clearly. Do the same thing with your child. Sometimes we’re just so close, so enmeshed, that we just can’t see them as separate from us. But if you can stand back far enough, you can actually start to see your child as his own person and start to find out what makes him tick—and then you’ll be able to help him understand himself as well. When you step back and observe, you’ll know what works for him, why he’s reaching for certain things and what really gets him moving. There will be things he’s never going to be motivated to do but is still required to them. He may hate doing his chores and try to get out of it, and that’s when you give him consequences. The goal is to influence your child when he has to do something he doesn’t want to do, and get to know him well enough to figure out what his own desires might be. As a parent, you want to strengthen his skills in defining what’s important to him. You want to help your child define for himself who he is, what’s important to him and what he’s going to do to make those things happen. Our responsibility is to help our kids do that, not to do it for them. We need to stay out of their way enough so they can figure out who they are, what they think and where their own interests lie. Parent Information Nights A Parent Information Night is the first step in Bridges admission process and an excellent opportunity to learn more about our school. K-8 Parent Information nights are designed to host all families considering Bridges Charter School. CORE Academy PIN is designed specifically for families of incoming Middle School students. Click the link below to sign up for a Parent Information Night: child care will be provided for those with younger children. Future CORE students are encouraged to attend with their families. If you need childcare for the evening, please email Due to licensing restrictions no children under 2.5 years may be present in childcare SAFETY DROP OFF AND PICK UP We are asking for your help in the drop off line in the morning and in the afternoon.  Please remember the safety of our children is our number one concern.  Keep in mind the drop off lane is not a place to park.  Please drop off your child quickly and pull through so that the line moves smoothly. Pay close attention to pedestrians in the drive through lane as well as any other traffic. Please do not pull around other cars in the drop off lane as this creates a dangerous situation. We will be working with the local police department as needed to insure a safe drop off and pick up for our children. AFTERNOON RELEASE Upon release students are expected to report to the front lawn where they are to sit until their ride is available.  The front lawn is not a play area.  All students are expected to be seated and watching for their ride.  Keep in mind that extensions is open if after-school care is needed. Students should be picked up as soon as possible upon release.  NO balls of any kind should be on the front lawn after school.  Parents - If you would like to visit and supervise your children you may move inside the gate to the play area.  Thank you for your help in keeping our front lawn safe.   PLAYGROUND  HANDBOOK   A handbook with general guidelines and rules for the playground have been established and adopted on campus. These guidelines have been reviewed with each class and can be found posted around the campus. Please take time to review these guidelines with your child as needed.  Below is a link to our Family Handbook and the Playground Handbook. In closing I leave you with one of my favorite quotes from Martin Luther King: “Be a bush if you can't be a tree. If you can't be a highway, just be a trail. If you can't be a sun, be a star. For it isn't by size that you win or fail. Be the best of whatever you are.” MLK —from speech before a group of students at Barratt Junior High School in Philadelphia, October 26, 1967 Have a great week! Cindy McCarthy  
Monday January 16th
  • Holiday - Martin Luther King
Tuesday January 17th
  • 8th Grade Field Trip Reagan Library National Debate Team
  • Robotics Enrichment 2:30-4:00Rm 18
Wednesday January 18th 
  • Academic Chess Enrichment 2:30-4:00Sky High Library
Thursday January 19th
  • Parent Information Night 6:00 Rm 1
  • Magic Enrichment Class  Rm 18       2:30-4:00
  • Sandbox Computer Enrichment 2:30-4:00MPR
Friday January 20th
  • End Semester CORE 6-8
  • 1st Grade Field Trip Pepperdine        Center for Arts
  • Lego Movies by Kids Enrichment Class 1:30-2:30
  • Disc Golf Enrichment 1:30-2:30
  • Sky High Athletics     K only 12:30-1:30Blacktop
Friday January 27th
  • CORE Science Fair MPR
Friday Feb 17th No School Monday Feb 20thNo School (President's Weekend)
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